Sustainability at NVS Group

At NVS Group we’re committed to sustainability, and this includes a holistic approach to all of our our operations.

Our commitment to a sustainable future

It’s important that we do all we can to limit our environmental impact, and we’re determined to deliver a greener pawprint. That’s why we’ve created a programme, to address all areas of our operation and ensure we’re on track to meet our goals of a sustainable future. The elements of this programme are outlined below and will help us deliver a greener pawprint.

How we deliver a greener pawprint

Circular Economy

The foundation of any sustainability agenda: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.


As a wholesaler we are committed to sustainable sourcing.

Digital First

Advancement through technology; reducing our reliance on consumables and waste.


The road to sustainability, adopting new technologies to reduce our carbon pawprint.

Facilities & Infrastructure

Creating a sustainable workplace and reducing the impact that our facilities and infrastructure have on the environment. Spitfire House recently achieved a grade A EPC rating, making us one step closer to reducing our impact on the environment.

Customer Participation

How you can help us deliver a greener pawprint.

Help us deliver a greener pawprint

We’re proud of our ambitious plans for sustainability and we’re committed to delivering a greener pawprint, but to meet our targets, we need your help.

  • Returning your tote boxes
  • Use our waste collection service
  • Combine your pharmaceutical and consumables order
  • Choose sustainable products
  • Improved stock control & reduced returns

The Circular Economy

The foundation of any sustainability policy; we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy by challenging ourselves to focus on the four core steps:

  • Reduce the unnecessary use of raw materials and the amount of waste we produce.
  • Reuse materials where possible, especially those that may have been considered disposable.
  • Recycle items that are at the end of their lifecycle into something new and useful.
  • Rethink our use and choice of products in the first instance, is there a more sustainable solution?

Our ultimate aim is to reduce to a minimum the amount of waste we produce as a business.

0 tonnes

NVS Recycles over 380 tonnes of packaging annually.


Over 50% of the Select Everyday range is manufactured in the UK


Our black tote boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic

BREEAM Asset Performance rating of “Excellent”.

Discover more about how we aim to deliver a greener pawprint

Download our Sustainability Infographics

Reduce, reuse, recycle infographic

A visual summary of our current sustainability activities

A tote box tail infographic

The NVS tote box; a reusable and sustainable distribution solution

The recycling process infographic

What happens to the waste collected from your practice?