Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution

We were the first veterinary wholesaler to employ a fully active cold chain for the storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products within our own national distribution network. And we continue to set the standard for the veterinary industry.

The Cold Chain

We follow a chain of precisely coordinated events in environments controlled at a refrigerated temperature between 2-8°C, or an ambient temperature between 15-25°C, to store, manage and transport temperature sensitive products. Giving you the peace of mind that you will receive those products in their optimum condition, without their safety or efficacy being compromised.

Cold Chain Van

Refrigerated, 2-8°C

A chilled or refrigerated environment, characterised by temperatures between 2°C and 8°C is increasingly the standard storage requirements for pharmaceutical products, especially vaccines. From the time they are manufactured to the moment they’re used, it’s critical that they are kept within this limited temperature range.

What is our refrigerated storage and transportation chain?

The supplier will deliver the product to the NVS warehouse by refrigerated transport. Our Goods-In team will check the product is within the correct temperature range on arrival, it will then be stored within our walk-in fridges. These are constantly monitored and maintained at a temperature between 2-8°C.

A member of our specially trained fridges team will pick any refrigerated products and pack them in clearly identifiable, sealed packaging and store them in one of our insulated ‘cube’ fridge units, separately to your main order. The ‘cube’ fridge unit will then be loaded onto an HGV for overnight delivery to the depot nearest to your practice.

The next day, your delivery driver will transfer your refrigerated products to the insulated ‘cube’ fridge in their van. They will firstly check that this fridge is within the correct temperature range and will perform a visual check at each drop prior to your delivery, to confirm that the temperature remains correct.

We treat refrigerated cold chain as ‘controlled items’, due to their specific storage requirements and you will be required to sign for them independently from your main delivery, to acknowledge receipt. Any refrigerated goods should be placed immediately within an appropriate refrigeration unit, operating between 2-8°C.

How do we manage our refrigerated cold chain?

Temperature-controlled storage and transportation poses many challenges, with multiple handover points, each of which could potentially threaten the quality and safety of the delivery. However, NVS believe that by having a structured and proactive approach to cold chain management any potential risks can be managed or their impact limited. This is achieved through the collaborative efforts of our well-trained employees and by using market leading equipment and systems.

Calibrated medical grade transportation (cube) fridges
Each self-contained insulated unit has a protected digital temperature controller to prevent accidental temperature alterations, or the unit being switched off. This also provides the driver with an easy way to verify the temperature of the unit whilst making their deliveries. The units have up to 10 hours of battery power, can be powered via the vehicle’s battery or run-on mains power. They are also re-calibrated on an annual basis.

A 24/7 temperature monitoring and alert system
Quartix is a digital system that manages the temperature of our ‘cube’ fridges and offers an extra level of temperature verification. An alert email is sent to our Depot Management team if any fridge breaches an upper or lower temperature threshold, this can then be immediately investigated and rectified.

Standardised programme of checks and actions
We use a comprehensive programme of checks and procedures throughout our refrigerated cold chain. From initial checks by our Goods In team, to a daily vehicle check sheet (DVCS) which is completed by our drivers prior to loading, they will also perform a visual check at each drop point along their delivery route.

Fridge passports
Each insulated ‘cube’ fridge has its own ‘fridge passport’, which accurately documents the date, time, and temperature of the unit when products were loaded and subsequently reached the depot. Ensuring traceability at each stage of the transportation process.

Ambient Temperature Control

Ambient, 15-25°C

Each product we stock has its own manufacturer specified storage instructions and that can often indicate the necessity for an ambient storage temperature between 15°C and 25°C.

What is our ambient storage and transportation chain?

Our warehouses are maintained at an ambient temperature between 15-25°C.

We were the first veterinary wholesaler to insulate our fleet of delivery vans. Each van is fitted with bespoke insulated panels on the interior of the van, to create a closed compartment. This ensures that products are transported at an ambient temperature, whatever extremes of weather we might be experiencing.