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National Veterinary Services (NVS)

We are the UK’s market leading veterinary wholesaler, committed to delivering a positive difference to animal health through high quality services and products.


We are RELIABLE, delivering products and services consistently to our customers


We are COMMITTED, to do the right thing through compliance and the relationships we build


We aim for QUALITY – through our products, services and people  


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Pet Retail

We offer a wide range of pet accessories and products to appeal to the pet owner.

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A brand of great quality, value for money products used in every day procedures in veterinary practices.

Our Services

Our IT Solutions

All of our IT products are housed in the ‘cloud’, this means that our solutions are reliable, totally secure and easy to manage and use. No more expensive IT equipment purchases, complicated management processes, daily backups and security patches.

Our Laboratories

We offer 1,200 different tests and profiles in our portfolio through our experienced team of pathologists. We employ more than 100 people across four sites in Poulton, Cambridge, Stoke on Trent and Newton Abbot.