Delivering A Sustainable Future for NVS

31st July 2023
A new home for NVS
Inside NVS
Spitfire House

Hopefully by now, you will be aware that National Veterinary Services (NVS) will be moving to a new, purpose-built and sustainable, office, warehouse and distribution facility at the end of August 2023. This will more than double our existing warehouse capacity and also become the new headquarters for NVS Group.

“The move to the new facility heralds a significant milestone for NVS” said Martin Riley, Managing Director. “The facility future-proofs the business, allowing us to remain agile in a rapidly changing industry, adapting to market conditions and growth in the sector. The relocation further enables and drives our sustainability plan.”

Right from the beginning, Spitfire House was designed with sustainability in mind. It has been constructed to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating in the BREEAM building sustainability assessment method – placing it within the top 10% of new non-domestic buildings in the UK. We are committed to maintaining this rating for the entire term of our tenure, ensuring a sustainable and thoughtful workplace.

What is BREEAM?
BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s longest-established method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings.

For more information on BREEAM click here.

The new facility has a number of eco-friendly features:

30m² of photovoltaic (solar) panels on the warehouse roof, but it has been designed to accommodate 100% PV panels on the roof structure. This gives us the opportunity to install additional solar panels once the local area has the electrical infrastructure in place to support this.

High-grade enhanced cladding has been installed within the structure’s walls to increase the building’s thermal energy efficiency and support the temperature control solution installed in the warehouse.

Rainwater harvesting uses a storage tank to collect and store the rainwater that runs off the warehouse roof. This ‘Grey water’ will then be used for the toilet flushes in the main office block.

Internal and external high-efficiency dimmable LED lighting equipped with PIR sensors. This ensures optimal use of natural light and minimises unnecessary energy usage.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the building itself, with 48 electric vehicle charging points and the infrastructure in place to expand this number. This ensures we are ready for our growing fleet of electric cars and vans. These charging points can also be used by staff and visitors to the site.

With the surrounding area landscaped using plant species native to the UK, Spitfire House is a huge step forward in our commitment to delivering a greener pawprint.

For more detailed information on our wider sustainability initiatives and how NVS Group aim to deliver a greener pawprint, Click here to view our sustainability brochure.