Top Tips for Successful Stock Management

30th January 2023
Top Tips

Five ways to ensure your ordering process fits the bill

With stockroom space at a premium, staff stretched further than ever before, and sustainability on everyone’s agenda, there’s never been a better time to streamline your ordering process.

Practice Management Systems (PMS) make ordering a doddle, but if you ever find that you’ve more Flea Treatments than you can shake a stick at, read on for five top tips to order heaven.

Order what you need… when you need it

With NVS there’s no need to buy on a precautionary basis – our next day delivery service means that you only need to order what you need when you need it. This responsiveness and flexibility means there’s no need to stockpile, freeing up room in your store cupboards and streamlining your cashflow. Chat to your NVS Territory Manager (TM) about product usage and purchase history; a business review with our team can help you to plan and maintain your stock levels so you’re not caught short, and less money tied up in unnecessary stock must be a bonus.

Audit and check your inventory

Practice Management Systems are an essential business support tool, but they can’t count what’s in your dispensary or the back of your vet’s car. A regular audit and inventory review will ensure that your items are in stock, undamaged and within their expiry dates, and give you the opportunity to cross reference what you have, against what your PMS thinks you have. This enables you to resist ordering surplus products and helps you to keep a keen eye on the value of your stock. Tighter control also means you’re better prepared for inspections and gives you better product traceability.

Assign key colleagues

It’s a good idea to restrict responsibility for ordering products to just a couple of key colleagues. Duplication of ordering can be costly and time-consuming, and if overall responsibility for ordering isn’t clear, stock levels can be difficult to manage and may impact your Practice Management System’s automatic reordering function.

Have confidence that we’re on it

Ordering from NVS is simple. Once your order is placed you can sit back and relax. We’ll only get in touch if an item is out of stock or there’s an issue. Ensure you have our email exception report notifications set up, as this is the fastest way to understand the status of your order. This peace of mind enables you to have confidence that ordering once means ordering right.

Need More Information?

NVS Online is your ally. Enhanced search features, detailed product information and clear, current stock status all help inform the process, making ordering a breeze. Similarly, your TM will have the latest info on new product developments and can help you to find solutions to the challenges you may be facing.

Fewer returns mean fewer forms to fill, less time spent on paperwork, and clearer balance sheets. And the reduction in unwanted items means fewer journeys, less emissions and a greener planet.