Decontamination and Sterilisation

There are three main reasons why you should improve your surgical instrument reprocessing:

Patient safety – ensuring that your instruments and devices are sterile and safe for use on your patients

Employee safety – making sure that all instruments and devices are safe to be used by everyone in your practice

Instrument and device life cycle – maximise the life of your instruments and devices

Price List

Price List

Surgical Instrument Inspection Guide


Surgical Instrument Care Guide

Decontamination and Sterilisation

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Bowie Dick

Technical Data, Test Procedure and Interpretation Wall Chart


Sterilisation Wrap Guidance

Sterilisation and Storage



Instrument Cleaner

Wet Packs

What are wet packs and why do they happen?

Sterilisation Pouches

Our pouches feature an adhesive strip which by removing the backing and folding over creates a validated seal that will withstand sterilisation.


TST Strips

Howdo you know that your autoclave is sterilising your instruments and devices effectively.