Vets vital to up-to-date client contact data, says microchip firm

6th February 2023
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Vets have been reminded they are key to encouraging clients to update their pets’ microchip contact details.

Compulsory in dogs, microchips are in the process of being introduced as mandatory for cats, but systems rely on contact details being kept up to date.

The PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2022 revealed close to 20% of dog, cat and rabbit owners had changed contact details, but had not updated their microchip contact details. Around one-fifth (22%) also said they were unsure if their details were up to date – the equivalent of 1.8 million pets.


Of those who had not updated details, 30% said they did not know how it was done, 17% had lost paperwork with their pet’s microchip details and 14% did not know their pet’s number.

Pet protection specialist Identi is launching “Identiday” on 20 March to encourage vets to spring clean their account with Identi. Pet owners will be able to update details for free, and competitions and promotions are planned.

The company has produced a social media toolkit that will allow practices to create posts on their social media channels, and it will share hints and tips, including sending information on the importance of microchip contact details out on newsletters and how to bring the subject up in consultations.


Tammie O’Leary, commercial lead at Identi, said: “While it is a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped and the Government is introducing legislation to require cats to be microchipped, it is futile if the pet’s microchip contact details are not kept up to date.

“Identiday will help remind vet practices that they play a key role in encouraging their clients to update their pet’s microchip contact details, which will maximise the chances of successful reunification should a pet be lost or stolen.”

Full details are available on the Identibase website.


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