Veterinary groups team up for new communication project

31st August 2023
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Three veterinary sector groups are joining forces in a new project to consider ways of improving communications within practice teams.

Staff are being encouraged to submit questions in the coming days ahead of the recording of a webinar involving senior officials of the BVA, BVNA and British Veterinary Receptionist Assocation (BVRA).

The session, entitled “Synergistic practice relations: how can your team improve their internal communication?”, is due to be recorded and released this autumn.

The panel will discuss the findings of the BVRA’s annual survey, which officials say indicates a strong link between failings in communication and feelings of confusion and frustration.

First for profession

BVRA president Jaime Kiem, who is part of the webinar panel, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside the BVA and BVNA in what is a first for the profession, a webinar where all three associations are coming together to discuss the importance of internal practice relationships and to explore ways to improve communication among the veterinary team.

“BVRA is often asked the question ‘how can we communicate better as a team?’ and we hope that this webinar will help to address the importance of communication as a team and how to achieve this.”

Other panel members include the BVNA president Charlotte Pace, her BVA counterpart Malcolm Morley, BVRA junior vice-president Kayleigh Walker and council member Danielle Bowers.

‘Exciting collaboration’

Dr Morley described the project as an “exciting collaboration” between the three groups and urged veterinary teams to get involved.

He said: “Effective communication and strong internal relationships play a pivotal role in supporting a thriving team culture in veterinary practices.

“That in turn is vital for optimising patient safety, clinical outcomes and the overall well-being of the entire team.”

Ms Pace added: “Utilising veterinary nurses to the maximum of their abilities leads to improved job satisfaction and sense of value, all of which is underpinned by constructive working relationships among the entire veterinary team.

“While interprofessionalism has historically often been more focused on the synergy between vets and veterinary nurses, we are delighted to be working with the BVRA to include veterinary receptionists within this work, too.”

Questions for the webinar can be submitted here until 5pm on Friday 8 September.


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