Digital campaign to raise strangles awareness

31st August 2023
Industry News

Dechra has launched a digital campaign to raise awareness of measures to help prevent strangles among horse owners.

The “Don’t let strangles take hold of your yard” campaign will feature banners and advertising targeted directly to horse owners interested in horse health and disease prevention – based on their online browsing history – and encourage them to contact their vet for further information.

A three-month campaign launches across the UK at the start of September, and messaging to owners aims to cover aspects of disease prevention, biosecurity and vaccination.


Owners targeted who want to find out more click through to dedicated resources on the Dechra website, and can download information about treatment, outbreak management and disease control. A leaflet and video on biosecurity feature in the resources.

Emma Jennings – equine brand manager at Dechra, which markets IM strangles vaccine Strangvac – said: “Strangles is greatly feared by the equine industry due to its infectious nature and the potential severity of clinical signs.

“Our exciting new digital campaign will ensure that horse owners are fully aware of the importance of biosecurity and vaccination in helping to prevent the disease hitting their premises, and will steer them to their local vet for further information.”


Credit to:  Digital campaign to raise strangles awareness (Vet Times)

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