Invite to vets to enter International Canine Health Awards

12th January 2023
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Time is running out for vets, researchers and students to submit their applications for the annual prizes organised by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Vets, researchers and students are being invited to enter the annual International Canine Health Awards, organised by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Applications remain open until 31 January and organisers said they are particularly keen to receive submissions for work focused on one health, and that demonstrate a commitment to progressing medicine in developing countries.

This year, prize money has more than doubled for the awards, which are funded by the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation.

Outstanding contributions

The main category is the International Award in Canine Health for outstanding contributions in the field, which offers a US$100,000 (£82,178) prize for future projects.

The Lifetime Achievement category will recognise a vet or scientist who has dedicated their career to advancing canine health and welfare, with a $50,000 (£41,089) prize.

The awards also offer two Student Inspiration prizes, for undergraduates and postgraduates studying at a vet school respectively, plus a category for UK-based breed clubs.

‘Incredible range’

Awards chairperson Andrew Higgins said: “Every year, we get an incredible range of nominations from veterinarians and scientists who explore diverse aspects of dog health and welfare.

“We are looking for applications from across the world, and the judges will be looking for scientific excellence and a proven commitment to improving dog health and welfare.”


Vernon Hill, founder of the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, said: “This year, we are delighted that the awards wish to highlight how investment in canine health research can also often benefit human health. After all, dogs help humans so much, both in terms of our physical and mental well-being.

“We are always proud to hear of the impact the prize funds have in helping support and celebrate the inspiring and talented people who are committing their lives to make sure every dog lives their best life.”

Further details and nomination forms can be found online.


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