Announcement of new Mind Matters Initiative training sessions

13th January 2023
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Plans for a new series of training sessions have been unveiled as part of the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative (MMI).

Fourteen events are planned between January and April, and officials say they want to extend their work to consider collective, as well as individual issues.

Ten in-person sessions will be offered at venues across the country during February, March and April, plus four online events are due to begin later this month.

The programme will examine three topics – “Mental health first-aid”, “Psychological safety and civility”, and “Sustaining your emotional health” – identified as priorities from previous surveys, feedback and evaluation processes.

Busy year

MMI manager Lisa Quigley said: “Last year was a busy year for MMI and saw the successful launch of our brand new training programme.

“Ensuring that our new training offering was comprehensive and matched the needs of the professions was a top priority for 2022, and will continue to be so for 2023.

“Mental health and well-being are impacted by a whole host of structural and societal factors, and maintaining a healthy workforce goes far beyond supporting people on an individual level.”


Ms Quigley added: “While it is undoubtedly important to provide people with the skills they need to look after themselves, we are aiming to expand on this by providing individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to recognise, and address wider collective issues.

“We hope those attending our sessions find them useful and we will, of course, continue to take on feedback to ensure our training remains as relevant and impactful as possible.”

Full details of session dates, venues and fees can be found online.


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