Introducing a new Tote Box Tracking System from NVS

17th April 2023

We introduced a new 100% recycled and recyclable black tote box in 2022, and the next step in ensuring that our operation is as sustainable as possible, is to implement a tote box tracking system.

Our tote boxes are a reusable and sustainable distribution solution that also reduces the amount of cardboard and plastic packaging required to deliver essential products safely and securely to practices. We lose a staggering 6000 tote boxes every year, which adds up to a lot of plastic that’s lost from the circle of re-using and recycling, not to mention the additional natural resources needed to produce new boxes. So, we are introducing a tote box tracking system to try and reduce this number.

How does the tracking system work?
The system, which will be rolled out from the middle of April 2023, allows us to monitor where our tote boxes are held throughout our warehouse and distribution network. It uses delivery and collection data to track the boxes.

How will it impact customers?
Prior to the tracking system ‘going live’, we’re asking customers to take the opportunity to return any totes they may still have to their NVS driver. Going forward, they can simply accept their deliveries as usual, but we’re asking them to make sure that the NVS totes are available to be collected by their NVS driver and are not picked up by any other company they may receive deliveries from.