NVS launches ‘Delivering A Greener Pawprint’ e-brochure

17th April 2023
Inside NVS

Our newly launched e-brochure explains exactly how NVS plans to deliver a greener pawprint and meet our goal of a sustainable future for our business and the veterinary industry.

At NVS, we’ve set ourselves a challenge; to minimise our impact on the environment by finding innovative and sustainable solutions for our business and the services we offer our customers. We understand that as a business, our actions can have a significant effect on the environment, both directly in terms of our own operations, and indirectly through our purchasing decisions and the products and services we offer. This is why we are looking to integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our business.

However, to ensure that we can remain focused on our goal, we’ve categorised our sustainability initiative into five key priorities:

A Circular Economy
The foundation of any sustainability policy, we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy by challenging ourselves to focus on the four core steps: reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.

As a wholesaler, NVS is committed to sustainable sourcing and takes steps to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable, the products we offer to our customers, have been produced in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner.

Facilities & Infrastructure
We are committed to reducing the impact that our facilities and infrastructure have on the environment. From our central warehouse and headquarters to our offices, depots, and laboratories, we are constantly looking for ways to decrease emissions, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and generally create more sustainable workplaces.

Transport is an essential aspect of our business; from our HGV trailers, to our fleet of delivery and our company cars. We are continually working to reduce the carbon footprint from this vehicle use and have been busy exploring the latest technology and ways to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Digital First
By maximising our technological capabilities and challenging the way that we’ve traditionally done things, we aim to reduce our reliance on consumables and the amount of avoidable waste we produce, ultimately helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re proud of our ambitious plans for sustainability and we’re committed to delivering a greener pawprint, but to meet our targets, we also need help from our customers and there are a number of ways we’ve been asking them to work with us:

  • Return tote boxes
  • Hand waste packaging back to our delivery drivers for recycling at our warehouse
  • Make the most of our one-stop-solution for all product needs
  • Choose sustainable products
  • Improve stock control and reduce product returns

To find out more about our delivering a greener pawprint sustainability initiative – click on the image below to view or download our Delivering a greener pawprint e-brochure.

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