‘Ask us’ your under care questions, RCVS urges vet professionals after vote

26th January 2023
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The RCVS has said it wants to work with other veterinary sector groups as it develops further information materials on how to interpret its new “under care” guidance.

College leaders have also urged vets to contact them with queries while further support materials are compiled in the coming months.

Revised proposals were overwhelmingly backed during a college council meeting at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science last Thursday (19 January).

Support materials

But concerns were raised during the session about the level of support being offered to the profession in interpreting the new guidance – particularly around the question of exceptional circumstances.

Both the college and the BVA have signalled their intent to develop support materials in the area before the new guidance comes into force later this year.

Although the guidance is due to be implemented sometime between the beginning of June and the end of the year, the final timing will be decided at the next RCVS council meeting in March.


Standards committee chairperson Linda Belton said: “We are keen that we help the profession better understand the guidance and its impact ahead of its implementation.”

Miss Belton added: “We look forward to working with the BVA and any other veterinary organisations to ensure their advice and resources are consistent with this new guidance.

“In the meantime, those with any questions about the new guidance should email standards@rcvs.org.uk

Guidance vote

Meanwhile, the college has moved to clarify the result of last Thursday’s vote after one of the three council members who opposed the guidance subsequently expressed his support for it.

A spokesperson said that, during a closed session, James Wood told colleagues he would have voted for the guidance if he had understood a further discussion would be taking place about the timing of implementation, instead of the guidance being published imminently.

He added: “While Prof Wood understood he would not be able to change his vote retrospectively, he wished to place on public record his support for the new guidance.”


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