Sustainability profile: Vet Sustain

17th November 2023
Sustainability in practice
Sustainability profile
Vet Sustain

Championing sustainability in the veterinary professions

Vet Sustain is a community interest company which aims to inspire and enable veterinary professionals on sustainability issues, to continually improve the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment.

Their aim is to enable veterinary professionals to be driving forces for change towards a more sustainable future.

The Veterinary Sustainability Goals:

Vet Sustain has published six goals to highlight the roles of veterinary professionals in addressing the multiple challenges facing society; these goals provide a framework for how the veterinary profession can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

#1 Diverse and abundant wildlife – conserve and enhance natural landscapes, habitats and the biological diversity and abundance of wild terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species.

#2 A good life for animals – safeguard and advocate for the health and welfare, in life and at the point of death, of animals under our care and those that are affected by human activity.

#3 Net zero warming – implement and promote decarbonisation through energy efficiency, the generation and use of renewable energy, mitigation of global warming and sequestration of carbon.

#4 Health and happiness – safeguard and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of people and support a transition to livelihoods and lifestyles that are fit for the future.

#5 A no-waste society – minimise the usage and disposal of resources and materials, and support a transition to a circular economy.

#6 Enough clean water for all – uphold best practice in freshwater conservation and protection to mitigate water stress and prevent water pollution.

Sustainability in practice

Vet Sustain offers valuable resources, education and support to veterinary practices and professionals, wherever you are on your sustainability journey. 

Here are just some of the resources Vet Sustain provide:

Greener Veterinary Practice Checklist

Created by Vet Sustain in partnership with BVA, BVNA and SPVS, the Vet Sustain Greener Veterinary Practice Checklist outlines the points your practice may consider to become more sustainable, and provides you with links to available guidance and green options.

Click here for more information 

Greener Veterinary Practice series of webinars

This FREE series of webinars focus on different aspects of the Greener Veterinary Practice Checklist and enable you to bring these principles to your workplace. These webinars have been co-hosted by the BVA and VDS and include:

Green Procurement List

A list of environmentally conscious products, services, and educational resources available from suppliers and organisations working within the veterinary sector.

This list of recommendations will help you to make sustainable procurement decisions to reduce the environmental impact of your clinical work.

Click here to view or download the list.

The Veterinary Carbon Calculator

The Veterinary Carbon Calculator, developed in collaboration with Investors in the Environment (iiE), is tailored to the impacts of a veterinary practice. Your calculation will help you to understand your practice’s environmental impact and the supporting resources will help you get started with tailoring your carbon action plan.

Read this blog post from the Vet Sustain team to learn more about how it works.

Get started calculating!

Course: A Veterinary Approach to Sustainable Food and Farming 

This self-paced LANTA accredited online course aims to empower veterinary professionals working with farm animals to help producers attain multiple sustainability objectives – for the benefit of the animals under our care, rural communities, wildlife and the wider environment.

Take a look at the course curriculum and some free lesson previews

Training: Carbon Literacy for Veterinary Professionals

This course allows you to better understand the basics of climate science, how the veterinary profession is impacting our climate and how climate change impacts the veterinary profession.

Are you curious to explore the solutions you can implement in practice, and gain confidence in talking about the changes you’re making and why, with clients, colleagues and suppliers?

Accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, click here to find out more or email to register your interest in future Carbon Literacy courses.

For more information about Vet Sustain, check out their website: 

This article was originally posted in The Cube magazine, October 2023 issue. Click here to read the magazine.