Sustainability profile: NVS

17th November 2023
Sustainability profile

Delivering a greener pawprint

As a wholesaler, our product sourcing strategy focuses on delivering the right products at the right price, but we also prioritise finding products that use recycled and recyclable materials, sustainable production methods and packaging, and sourcing products locally.

The use of recycled and renewable materials – wherever possible we choose products that are made from renewable or recycled materials, helping to reduce waste and support the circular economy.

Sustainable packaging – we look for packaging that is minimal or made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

Locally sourced products – we’re already working hard to ensure that more of the products we sell are locally sourced and made in the UK whenever possible. We’re committed to substantially growing our selection of UK-sourced products as this can significantly reduce the transport miles within our supply chain and the associated carbon footprint.

A one-stop solution – we are also constantly looking to identify any gaps in our product range so that you can fulfil all your practice requirements from one wholesaler; allowing you to cut back on the number of deliveries you need to receive and the associated carbon footprint.

Click on the image below to find out more about how we’re delivering a greener pawprint.

Look for the greener pawprint logo

We’re adding our greener pawprint logo to more sustainable products on our website, NVSOnline ordering portal and in our brochures. So, you know at a glance that they have more eco-friendly credentials.

NVS Online Ordering Portal
As well as adding our greener pawprint logo next to sustainable products, we’ve also enhanced the sustainability information provided for each product. The ‘More Information’ product tile includes the following sustainable attributes:

  • Product is: ie recycled, recyclable and sustainably sourced
  • Product source: ie made in UK, made in Europe
  • Packaging: ie recyclable
  • Sustainable ingredient: ie contains plant-based sustainable ingredients

What’s more, you can also now search by sustainable keywords within the products search function.

This article was originally posted in The Cube magazine, October 2023 issue. Click here to read the magazine.