Spaying & Recovery

One aspect of pet ownership that can enhance the wellbeing of our furry friends in the colder months is spaying.

Helping to safeguard pets' health and happiness

Spaying can offer a multitude of benefits year-round, but these advantages become particularly pronounced in autumn and winter. Helping to safeguard pets’ health and happiness, whilst making life easier for their human companions.

Enhanced wellbeing – spayed animals tend to be healthier and less prone to certain diseases and infections. It can help to reduce the risk of certain reproductive health issues, such as uterine infections and mammary tumours. Immune systems can be more vulnerable in the cold weather, so keeping pets in the best possible health is crucial.

Minimising seasonal challenges – unspayed pets can engage in behaviours, such as wandering off or always wanting to go outside, which can make it a challenge to keep them safe and secure in the shorter days and darker nights of autumn and winter.


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