Be seen and be safe this autumn & winter season

A wide range of products designed to ensure that pets are visible in the dark, helping them to be seen and stay safe.

Dark nights and dangerous roads: Helping pets stay safe

Protecting pets and ensuring their visibility in the dark is crucial during the winter months and in low-light conditions. Products such as reflective collars, harnesses and leads are designed to bounce back light and make pets more visible. Glow-in-the-dark tags are another option to consider for identification purposes.

In addition to reflective products, taking safety measures like staying on well-lit paths during nighttime walks and carrying a torch can enhance visibility for both pets and owners. Ensuring dogs respond to verbal commands such as “stop” or “wait,” can be invaluable in low-visibility situations and also try to avoid activities off the lead, in the dark, to minimise risks. Bringing cats inside before dark can be one way to make sure they stay safe too.

Top tips for pet's and owners to stay safe in the dark

Shorter hours of daylight mean there is an increased risk of a pet not being seen in the darkness. Display this informative poster in your practice for some top tips to help your customers.