Optium Ketone Test Strips

FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose Test Strips for testing blood glucose.

291195Pack of 10


Ketone bodies are measured in urine, blood, and milk and can be easily measured and interpreted by using KRUUSE Keto Urine and KRUUSE Cow-side BHB strips for Milk.

620476 Keto Pack of 50
620464 BHB Pack of 50

Ketonor + Bolus

Fast-available glucogenic energy sources (propionates 104,000mg), with slow release cobalt, selenium, niacin and yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

372833Pack of 4

Aggers Fresh Cow

For freshly calved cows as an aid in the reduction of the risk of milk fever and ketosis.

145038 12 x 700g

Provita Energy Plus

Provita Energy Plus is a nutritional supplement providing an instantly available energy source to cows with ketosis. It contains energy sources that can be rapidly converted to glucose in the liver, supplying high levels of blood sugar without the harmful over production of Ketone bodies. Cobalt and B12 also counteract deficiencies which contribute to an energy deficit. Herbs stimulate appetite to encourage intake and speed up recovery.

377867 1 Litre
377879 5 Litre

Aggers Glycerol Plus

For freshly calved cows at risk of ketosis.

1527781 Litre

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