G9 High Level Disinfectant

G9 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner is extremely economical in use and dilutes at 1:100 for complete protection. Unique formula protects your animal environments whilst ensuring safety to staff and animals when used as directed. A synergistic blend of QAC’s and Chlorhexidine, the formulation does not contain any harmful active ingredients such as PHMB. Tested to the latest recommended ECHA European VETERINARY Test Standards by Independent Accredited Test Laboratories. Highly effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, spores and mycobacteria. Can be used on most surfaces, is safe to use, economical and practical. Does not require rinsing after use and can be allowed to dry. Avaliable in 4 great fragrances: Cherry, Bubblegum, lemon, Lavender and Unfragranced. Please see downloadable content on this page for instructions on use and a product leaflet.

Order Codes

Code Description Size
946047 G9 High Level Disinfectant Bubblegum 5L
921063 G9 High Level Disinfectant Cherry 5L
921051 G9 High Level Disinfectant Lavender 5L
921026 G9 High Level Disinfectant Unfragranced 5L

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Made in UK

Packaging is recyclable

Instructions for use & Product Leaflet


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