Comfort Snap Collars

Our Select from NVS Comfort Snap Collars boast an easy to use, durable plastic snap closure as well as a padded neckline and rim for added comfort. The plastic is made from 15-20% recycled plastic and is also 100% recyclable.

Order Codes

Code Description Size
369433 Collar Comfort Snap 7.5cm Select PK 5
369445 Collar Comfort Snap 10cm Select PK 5
369457 Collar Comfort Snap 12.5cm Select PK 5
369469 Collar Comfort Snap 15cm Select PK 5
369470 Collar Comfort Snap 20cm Select PK 5
369482 Collar Comfort Snap 25cm Select PK 5
369494 Collar Comfort Snap 30cm Select PK 5

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Product Attributes

The product is made from 15 - 20% recycled material


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