BD 3 Part Syringes

3-Piece Design with Latex-Free Stopper – Latex-free stopper prevents leakage of medication around the plunger and acts as an indicator for measuring the syringe contents.

Order Codes

Code Description Size
373539 1ML Luer Lock PK 100
788995 1ML Luer Slip PK 100
504725 3ML Luer Lock PK 200
242652 10ML Luer Lock PK 100
227298 20ML Catheter Tip PK 120
68913 20ML Side Tip Luer Slip PK 120
823478 30ML Side Tip Luer Slip PK 60
845449 50ML Catheter Tip PK 60
274951 50ML Luer Lock PK 60
823454 50ML Side Tip Luer Slip PK 60

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