Anigene Professional Disinfectant Apple & Lavender

Anigene Professional Disinfectant Apple & Lavender

The next-generation of ANIGENE is here. Trusted for 30 years to deliver both cleaning and disinfection to animal health and welfare environments, ANIGENE has been updated. Effective against a range of organisms that can be problematic in animal areas, including Parvovirus, Calicivirus, Salmonella and Ringworm. Fully compliant with BPR regulations, ANIGENE Animal Health Disinfectant has been future proofed, ensuring that you and the animals in your care will be protected from harmful pathogens. This product has been tested to European Standards:

  • EN 1656 (bactericidal)
  • EN 1657 (yeasticidal and fungicidal)
  • EN 14349 (bactericidal)
  • EN 16438 (yeasticidal and fungicidal)
  • EN 14675 (virucidal)
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Order Codes

Code Description Size
408955 Anigene Professional Disinfectant Apple 5L
408992 Anigene Professional Disinfectant Lavender 5L

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More information about Anigene Professional Disinfectant Apple & Lavender

Byotrol works to the highest quality standards for ISO9001 and ISO13485 to ensure we provide the very best infection control products, each compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

ANIGENE is suitable for use in animal health environments in order to keep both animals and their carers protected from the spread of disease. The easy-to-use concentrate can be diluted into workable solutions, which are effective against even the toughest pathogens.

For general use, dilute to 1 in 100 (1%)
For high risk use, dilute to 1 in 50 (2%)
Remove organic matter, soil and debris from the surface.
Refer to the dilution table on the back of the label to determine the dilution you want.
Fill your container with water and add in the appropriate amount of concentrated ANIGENE to achieve the desired dilution.
Apply disinfectant to cover the surface and leave for the required contact time.
Afterwards, wipe away excess solution.

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