Needle Free Valves-Select

Needle Free Valves-Select

A silicone luer-activated valve for use on any female luer lock. The surface is swabable so no caping is required in normal use. The valve is pre-slit silicone so the fluid path is through the centreof th evalve and has low engagement pressure for easy attachment and disconnection.

  • Enables quick and simple patient disconnection
  • The valve fully closes prior to withdrawal of the luer connector

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777109 Needle Free Valves-Select PK 10

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More information about Needle Free Valves-Select

The Needle Free Valves can be connected to an indwelling cannula/catheter to stop the backflow of blood and providing needle free access.

If fluids are to be adminstrated for a longer period of time when there is a high likelihood of needing to move the patient, then it is good practice to insert a needel free valve onto the end extension where it joins to the rest of the giving set. This seals the end extension when disconnecting and helps maintain sterility.

When the end extension is disconnected with the neefle free valve in place it seals the end extension. When the end extension with the needle free valve is connected to the giving set the valve is opened in the neefle free valve.

Product Attributes

Made in Europe

To recycle non contaminated pouches, separate paper and film


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