Giving Set Opaque Standard 240cm Light Sensitive

Our opaque giving set offers an ideal way to administer light-sensitive drugs, such as metronidazole, either by gravity or via infusion pump, avoiding any risk of light denaturing the drug. UV light screening/penetration on this set is: 0% from 190-328 nm, and <10% from 330- 382 nm.

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This simple one-piece infusion line is 250cm in length, features a single opaque Y-injection port, a 20 drop/ml vented filtered drip chamber, and a rotating male Luer lock. Complete with 100cm section of pump compatible tubing running between the chamber and the first port and performs well on most infusion pumps, including:

  • VetPro 2000
  • Niki V4
  • Optima VS
  • Aqupharm
  • Alaris GW


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