VNAM 2023 launches with ‘champion’ plea

9th May 2023
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The BVNA has launched 2023’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM) with a plea for the profession to champion both itself and its people.

Webinars and competitions are among the activities that will be taking place throughout May, and officials hope both the wider veterinary sector, plus pet owners, will also get involved.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “empowerment” and aims to highlight the range of skills veterinary nurses possess.

Leader or teacher

BVNA president Charlotte Pace said: “This can mean becoming a leader in your field, teaching the next generation of nurses or starting a new weight clinic at your practice.

“The beauty of veterinary nursing is its diversity, but our strength lies in our passion for animal welfare and our community.

“By championing each other, we can show the world the importance of our profession in our own right. This month, share with us your passion for veterinary nursing.”

The campaign will initially explore issues around joining the profession as an SVN, improving client awareness within the workplace, the impact of the ongoing “Protect the Title” initiative and the opportunities the profession offers.


Two webinars – entitled “My journey as an SVN”, and “Raising client and public awareness” – are scheduled to take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday 2 May and Tuesday 16 May, respectively.

The association has also launched two video competitions for practices and individuals under the categories “What do your VNs mean to your practice?” and “What do you enjoy most about being a VN?”.

Professionals are being further encouraged to share stories that relate to areas of the campaign by emailing

More information about VNAM 2023 is available online.


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