The NVS family story

19th July 2023
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NVS Group
The NVS story

We’ve recently launched a new group identity – NVS Group, but that’s just the latest chapter in our story…

The NVS family can trace its roots back over 40 years, to the story of veterinary pharmaceutical rep, Peter Ashton, and his vision of creating a wholesale business that could offer vet customers high-quality products and a reliable, personalised service. NVS was born in 1989 and would evolve through a series of different owners and acquisitions, but the focus remained on innovation, using the latest technology and pioneering business solutions to transform veterinary wholesaling in the UK.

Whilst under the ownership of Dechra, a sister company to NVS emerged in 2003 – NationWide Laboratories. Combining the expertise of a number of smaller regional laboratories to offer practices a comprehensive portfolio of testing and diagnostic services and unrivalled customer support. The relationship between the two companies became even closer in 2013, when both were acquired by Patterson Companies Inc, and integrated into their UK Veterinary Division.

A brand-new addition to the NVS family was born in 2015. Recognising a gap in the market for affordable, high-quality practice consumables, NVS launched the Select from NVS range. It has proven to be the preferred and trusted consumable brand for many vet practices.

In 2019, the NVS family grew even further with the addition of VetIT, the industry-leading practice management software solution. Just like NVS, VetIT was born out of a passion for innovation, with founder and Managing Director, Tony Houghton and his team challenging themselves to create an easy-to-use, flexible system that allows vets to grow their practice whilst focusing on what they do best – delivering exceptional animal care.

And that brings us to 2023 and the launch of our NVS family identity – NVS Group. Which unites our four brands: NVS, Select from NVS, NationWide Laboratories, and VetIT as a cohesive family and offers veterinary practices an end-to-end service; through the wholesale supply of medicines, products and consumables to laboratory services and industry-leading practice management software.

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