RVNs build community for nurses to thrive

10th November 2023
Industry News

A new support network that aims to help veterinary nurses flourish in practice and create stronger connections between professionals has been launched.

The How to Thrive Veterinary Nurse Network has been set up by RVNs Helen Silver-MacMahon and Sam Thompson, and is free to join.

The initiative is open to both RVNs and SVNs, and promises a range of material, including monthly newsletters, podcasts and masterclasses.

‘Amazing connections’

Mrs Thompson said “I feel very privileged to have developed amazing connections throughout my career, and those connections have lifted me when I have felt low and encouraged me to explore what my VN qualifications can offer.

“The idea of helping others to create their own networks is so exciting, and something I truly believe we can all benefit from.”

Ms Silver-MacMahon added: “Each time I visit a conference I discover more and more nurses with superpowers and side hustles, doing amazing things to support and empower each other and their patients to thrive.

“Our aim is to bring all those wonderful people together into one place, to create a directory so that they are easy to find by others. “


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