RSPCA urges welfare commitment ahead of local elections

25th April 2024
Industry News

The RSPCA has launched an initiative to encourage candidates in next week’s local elections to commit themselves to advancing animal welfare in office.

Contests are taking place in more than 100 council areas in England next Thursday (2 May) plus mayoral and police and crime commissioner polls.

The charity has now launched a new local government manifesto and is urging candidates seeking council seats to commit themselves to working towards five main welfare goals.

Welfare goals

The objectives are:

  • Educate, inspire, unite: advocate for animals and foster responsible pet ownership
  • Preserve today for tomorrow: commit to wildlife and habitat protection
  • From farm to table: advance high-welfare and sustainable food procurement
  • Empathy in action: raise awareness and build a compassionate community
  • Strength in unity: collaborate and work together for animal welfare

‘Huge role’

Lee Gingell, the RSPCA’s local government manager for England, said: “Animals need our help more than ever. But by rallying together and showing kindness to animals we can create a better world for all.

“The role local government plays is going to be more important than ever – and our communities have a huge role to play in urging them to act.”

Candidates can sign the pledge online, while charity supporters can encourage their candidates to get involved via the RSPCA website.


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