RCVS appoints career pathways working party

7th March 2024
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A leading academic and retired GP has been appointed to lead a new RCVS working group exploring the development of new veterinary clinical career pathways.

Veterinary professionals are being invited to take part in focus group discussions on the project, which was given the green light by the college’s council in November.

The initiative is also set to be the subject of a presentation at the BSAVA Congress later this month.

The group will oversee three work streams exploring flexible routes to specialist training, improved definition of roles such as advanced practitioner and the development of specialist training in primary care and general practice.

‘Important project’

The body will be chaired by Nick Cooper, the current president of the Academy of Medical Educators UK and medical director of physician associate studies at the University of Plymouth’s Peninsula Medical School.

Dr Cooper said: “I am both delighted and grateful to have been appointed to chair this group and to have the opportunity to work alongside my veterinary peers on this very important project, which could prove transformational in terms of diversifying and expanding the career options and pathways available to veterinary surgeons.

“I hope to bring useful insight from the medical professions and my experience as a general practitioner, a medical educator and from my involvement with postgraduate training development.”

The college said the group’s other members included a “wide-ranging mix of practitioners and academics”, as well as new graduate and veterinary nurse representatives.


Director of education Linda Prescott-Clements added: “We’re very fortunate to have the vast wealth of experience and varied perspectives that the various veterinary surgeons on the working group will bring to this important work and grateful to have Prof Cooper’s experience of postgraduate training developments over many different years and health profession contexts.”

A presentation on the project is set to be delivered to delegates attending the final day of the BSAVA Congress on Saturday 23 March, with focus group sessions currently planned for April, May and July.

Anyone interested in taking part in the stakeholder events or offering feedback on future proposals can email Jenny.Soreskog-Turp@rcvs.org.uk


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