Pet Blood Bank UK freezes price of products

3rd April 2024
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Pet Blood Bank UK has announced it will not increase prices on its life-saving blood products.

The charity’s ability to maintain affordable access to its vital veterinary services has become a paramount concern against the backdrop of a cost of living crisis.

However, thanks to generous fund-raising support across the past year, Pet Blood Bank UK has been able to hold its prices as well as continuing to subsidise the cost of fresh frozen plasma. The charity is also continuing to provide blood products free of charge to veterinary charities.

Fantastic support

Pet Blood Bank UK managing director Katrina Wilkinson said: “In an ideal world, we would be able to provide blood products free of charge to everyone.

“But the reality is that running our service costs a significant amount of money. The fact that we have received such fantastic fund-raising support, allowing us to hold our prices, is something we are incredibly proud of.”

Among the major contributors to the service is CVS, which donated £20,000 after nominating the blood bank as its charity of the year.

Fund-raising success

Countless smaller donations from veterinary practices, individuals and businesses across the country have also played a critical role in the charity’s fund-raising success.

Ms Wilkinson added: “Our hope is that, as the charity continues to grow and we build our support, we will be able to continue making these life-saving blood products as accessible as possible. A huge thank you to all our veterinary colleagues who support the charity and help us to make our mission possible.”

To order blood products or learn more about how to support Pet Blood Bank UK, visit or telephone 01509 232 222.


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