‘No change’, says RCVS after dentistry rule plan outlined

4th March 2024
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The RCVS has ruled out further reform of the regulations governing overseas vet registrations, despite the Government revealing plans to change the equivalent rules for dentists.

But critics have claimed the move will not address its wider problems and the college is not set to follow that path.

A spokesperson told Vet Times: “We currently have no further plans to alter our registration processes in respect of overseas vets.

“We already have temporary arrangements with the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) which allows overseas vets with EAEVE-accredited degrees to register with us and practise in the UK.

“Furthermore, under arrangements with the Food Standards Agency, we also allow the temporary registration of some overseas vets to work as temporary registered novice official veterinarians, restricted to the food safety sector and under the supervision of fully registered official veterinarians.

“Aside from these provisions, we are also continuing to work to deliver on the priorities outlined in the workforce action plan in terms of recruitment into the profession, the retention of those already in the profession and encouraging the return of those who have left the profession.”

New proposal

The new proposal, which is now the subject of a three-month public consultation, would enable overseas dentists to practise without passing the currently required exams under the supervision of a General Dental Council-registered professional.

Similar provisions already exist in the veterinary sector under the “seeing practice” guidelines for graduates preparing to sit the college’s Statutory Examination for Membership.

But concerns were raised at the college council’s meeting last month about a lack of progress towards a longer-term replacement for the current EAEVE agreement.

The college has also highlighted initiatives such as the VetGDP programme and its survey on chronic illness and disability as examples of its efforts to address the sector’s enduring workforce pressures.


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