New UK distributor for noise anxiety product

2nd May 2023
Industry News

TVM has announced it is the new UK distributor for anxiety medication Sileo.

The rapid-onset medication, approved for alleviation of noise-related anxiety and fear in dogs, has been added to the animal health company’s existing behavioural range.

Containing dexmedetomidine, it can be given as soon as a dog shows signs of anxiety or fear, or when typical triggers of fear are detected by the owner.


A practical, dial-to-dose syringe makes the administration of the product easier, and TVM said it featured redesigned packaging with a QR code that links to an instructional video for owners.

Emma Hancox, TVM veterinary advisor, said: “Up to 50% of dogs suffer from noise anxiety, which can be extremely distressing both for pets and their owners.

“While many people associate their pet’s anxiety with occasions such as bonfire night, noise anxiety can apply to everyday noises such as vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers – and social events or parties – which could have a much greater impact on the dog’s everyday welfare.

“Sileo is an innovative medication approved for the alleviation of noise-related anxiety and fear, and will be a valuable addition to our range of companion animal behavioural products.”

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