More English farms BVD free, campaign group reveals

9th February 2023
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Vets and farmers are being urged to keep up the fight against BVD after hundreds of new sites were declared free of the disease last year.

An end-of-year review from the BVD Free England group has revealed more than 350 more farmers were given BVD-free test status in 2022, taking the overall total to 1,239.

A total of 6,659 holdings were also registered with the programme at the end of 2022, accounting for nearly 44% of all breeding cattle in England.

Grown steadily

The disease is estimated to cost the cattle industry up to £61 million a year, and BVD Free programme leaders said the scheme has grown steadily since its launch in 2016.

BVD Free chairperson Bill Mellor said the importance of controlling the disease had been demonstrated by its priority status under the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway.


Mr Mellor added: “It is important that we maintain momentum with the voluntary BVD Free scheme to demonstrate to the Government that the industry is committed to BVD eradication.”

Farm vet Nicky Bowden, who sits on the boards of both BVD Free and the BCVA, said: “Combining the number of farmers using the BVD Free database with those who are members of various CHeCS [Cattle Health Certification Standard] schemes, we can feel confident that we have quite a significant proportion of farmers managing the breeding cattle in England actively engaged, working towards BVD eradication.”


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