Guide explains how to start and run clinics for senior cats and dogs

2nd November 2023
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A guide written by an RVN to provide comprehensive information on starting and running successful senior pet clinics has been launched by Ceva Animal Health.

RVN Beth Kirwan was asked to write the guide, and has combined her passion for senior pet care with the practicalities of running a clinic for older dogs and cats.

It features extensive information on the benefits of VN-led senior pet clinics, which can be either free or paid-for sessions.

Health check

The guide also covers the importance of a senior health-check questionnaire, tips on the preparation and setting up of a clinic and a 10-point health check covering tests, such as for blood pressure in older cats, that can be carried out during clinics.

Ms Kirwan said: “I was really excited to be asked by Ceva to create this resource for veterinary nurses and grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge. I have been a nurse for more than 22 years, and I am passionate about making our nurses feel valued in practice.

“Nurse clinics are a really good way to do this, but I feel that setting up a senior nurse clinic service in a practice creates so much value in many ways and for every member of the practice, from the receptionists to the vets.

Nursing stars

She added: “Our RVNs are the stars of the show with senior nurse clinics; they bring so much experience, care and compassion and are a great reflection of our practice values. They often have the time that the vets don’t have and will go home knowing they made a difference to a pet and an owner, or a family.

“Veterinary nurses can help identify disease early, support the owners with home adaptations or new medicine regimes. They can also educate the clients in senior and super senior care as our pets are living longer and provide quality of life and end of life support.

“The benefits are huge; as well as a financial benefit support like this will bond clients to a practice for life. We are all businesses, but we need to be caring businesses. I hope the guide provides inspiration to many nurses and empowers them to set up a new service or helps them to improve their current one.”

The guide can be downloaded online.


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