Free BEVA membership for student equine RVNs

7th December 2023
Industry News

BEVA has introduced free membership for equine vet nurse students.

The association, which has more than 4,000 members, introduced free vet student membership in 2020 and has made the move to enhance the support it provides to student equine nurses, too.

Vet nurse students will now get free access to BEVA online journals, discounted tickets to BEVA Congress, free access to BEVA’s online learning platform and access to a range of practical veterinary apps.

Nurse initiatives

Free student membership is part of several equine vet nurse initiatives introduced by BEVA.

Earlier this year BEVA introduced its new Schedule 3 guidelines, which have been designed to support equine veterinary professionals and businesses by describing how RVNs are permitted to work.

Vet nurses also have a direct voice within BEVA via the VN committee, and dedicated forum, accessible via the BEVA Buddy app.

‘Highly skilled’

Past-president David Rendle said: “Historically, equine veterinary nurses have been undervalued in practice, but thankfully this is now changing.

“Veterinary nurses have invested huge amounts of time and effort to become highly skilled, and it’s great that their talents, versatility, and commitment are being supported and celebrated in these ways.”

BEVA president Roger Smith added: “It is great to see free student membership being extended to veterinary nurses, another feature of our strategy to create an ever-closer bond between the equine veterinary nursing community and equine vets.”

For further information about BEVA student membership, visit the BEVA website.


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