Company offers marketing support for National Microchipping Month

31st May 2023
Industry News

Identichip is supporting vet practices wanting to mark June’s National Microchipping Month by providing a range of marketing products and promotions.

It is promoting a waiting room and window display competition to encourage vet professionals to highlight the pet protection journey from chipping to registering the microchip, changing contact details and the role of subscription services in supporting owners should they go missing.

Vet practices are being urged to include information on new cat microchipping legislation in their waiting room and window displays to promote when new regulations for cats to have chips comes into force on 10 June 2024.

Pet protection

Practices can post pictures of their waiting room or window on Facebook in June with the hashtag #MyNMMDisplay and tag @identibase. The winning practice will win a luxury hamper from Yorkshire’s Finest Hampers.

Identichip has launched a social media toolkit to promote the importance of pet protection. It features images and social media posts practices can use on their own channels.

Raise awareness

Tammie O’Leary, commercial lead at Identichip, said: “While it is soon to be law that both owned cats and dogs are microchipped, it is also important that pet owners are aware of the whole pet protection journey, which includes changing contact details as and when required.

“Our support during National Microchipping Month will provide vet practices with the opportunity to raise awareness of all aspects of pet protection and its role in reuniting pets with their owners should their pet go missing.”

For information on identichip’s support, including offers on its microchip range is available online or by emailing


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