Charity reveals huge jump in new year dog handover requests

20th January 2023
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A national charity says it has received nearly 50% more pet handover requests in the first 10 days of this year than during the same period in 2022.

Dogs Trust said demand for its help has reached another record high after it recorded more than 50,000 similar requests for the first time last year.

Today (16 January), the charity is unveiling a new promotional campaign that it hopes will encourage more owners to seek assistance before they reach crisis point.

Record high

The initiative has been launched to coincide with Blue Monday, which is seen as the most depressing day of the year, to highlight the importance of dogs in their owners’ lives.

The trust said it received 1,956 handover requests from dog owners during the first 10 days of 2023 – a 46% increase on the 1,334 recorded over the same period in 2022.

Chief executive Owen Sharp said: “It’s only the start of 2023, but we’ve already seen a record high in the number of inquiries from people who need to give up their dogs.

“We know the joy dogs can bring to everyday life – especially when times are hard – and we believe the best place for a dog is with the family who loves them.”

New survey

Meanwhile, a new survey carried out for the charity in early January by the polling organisation YouGov found nearly a third (31%) of dog owners fear the cost of living crisis will impact their ability to provide for their dog’s needs this year.

A further 3% said they would have to give up their dog in 2023, while another 3% said they would have to consider it.

Dogs Trust recently set up pet food banks at six of its rehoming centres across the UK and is now offering discounted rates on its Dog School training classes.

Mr Sharp added: “If you’re a dog owner who is struggling, we can offer support, training, and advice to help keep you and your dog together. We’re here for you and your dog; please give us a call before you reach crisis point.”

Dogs Trust’s Contact Centre can be reached on 020 7837 0006 or via


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