Ceva launches fireworks marketing support pack

5th October 2023
Industry News

Ceva Animal Health, the company behind Adaptil and Feliway, has launched a marketing support pack for practices so they can help owners keep pets calm and reassured.

The pack highlights benefits from the products and its ThunderShirt range of calming wraps, as well as a wall notice board display and poster, and leaflet.

A social media toolkit is also available with prewritten posts practices can use aimed at owners, plus an ebook to provide long-term help for pet firework fears.


A waiting room display competition will take place through October and practices are being urged to consider creating a safe haven in their waiting rooms to demonstrate the benefits of owners doing the same in their own homes.

Project manager at Ceva Animal Health Nicki Glen said: “More than 40% of dogs and 30% of cats are afraid of fireworks. Our extensive fireworks marketing support will help vet practices to raise awareness of the benefits of using pheromones, alongside preventive measures such as the ThunderShirt calming wrap, to support pets and their owners while fireworks are going off.”

The pack is available to download, while further information is available from Ceva territory managers.


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