Autumn start for Aberystwyth VN degree

9th May 2024
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Aberystwyth University has announced plans to welcome its first veterinary nursing degree students this autumn.

The launch of the foundation programme is part of the continuing expansion of the university’s vet school, which opened three years ago.

More than £2 million has been spent on new facilities and a mock clinic is being developed to enable students to prepare for clinical placements in a simulated environment.


The school’s head, Darrell Abernethy, said: “With the undergraduate programme well underway, and in line with the school’s vision and feedback from the profession, we are delighted to be introducing a veterinary nursing degree this year.

“By enhancing the profession, we support not only the farming community, but pet owners, equestrian interests, national government and, in turn, Welsh society.

“Wales now has its own school of veterinary science that is tuned to – and meets – the needs of its own veterinary community – from providing graduates who can speak Welsh, who come from Wales and are therefore more likely to stay in Wales, to supporting the profession with postgraduate training and undertaking research that is both excellent and locally relevant.”

‘Great opportunity’

Senior lecturer and veterinary nursing lead Emma Anscombe-Skirrow said: “The success of Wales’ only school of Welsh veterinary science since it opened is fantastic to see.

“The addition of vet nursing studies to the veterinary degree that is already being taught here is a great opportunity to expand the school’s educational provision.”

Enquiries about the veterinary nursing course and applications can be made by emailing


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