Virbac launches ‘lumps and bumps’ toolkit for practices

Virbac has launched a toolkit for practices to help promote to owners the need for a check and diagnosis of any lumps and bumps on their pets that could be tumours.

Acknowledging that encouraging owners to seek a diagnosis for anything unusual is an ongoing challenge for veterinary teams, and because the nature of skin tumours means early detection and diagnosis allows for more treatment options, the company has brought out a kit of materials to promote the need for regular checks.

Last year, Virbac brought groundbreaking injectable solution Stelfonta to market for treatment of mast cell tumours in dogs. Injected directly into the tumour mass, it provides a high elimination rate, with complete healing seen within four to six weeks.

Around one in four pets will develop cancer in their lifetimes1, with mast cell tumours accounting for one in five cutaneous neoplasms2.

Virbac says the toolkit contains everything practices would need to create their own “lumps and bumps” awareness campaign, including social media posts, videos, newsletter content and client literature.

Neil Mottram, technical product manager at Virbac, said: “Making the most of cuddle time with our pets, feeling for lumps and bumps, can make a huge difference to the early detection of skin abnormalities.”

Dr Mottram added: “Thanks to innovative new products like Stelfonta, the options available to veterinary surgeons to treat skin tumours in dogs has never been greater, so it’s an ideal time to educate pet owners on the importance of an early diagnosis.”

The toolkit is available in the Oncology section of the Virbac resource library or from territory managers.

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