TVM UK relaunches coprophagia product

TVM UK has relaunched its behaviour product Copro-nil in smaller 100g pots with a new look.

The product, part of TVM’s behavioural range, is designed as a tasty powder that, when added to food, makes resultant faeces unpalatable. Coprophagia affects up to 23% of dogs, with 16% of them considered regular offenders.


Will Peel, TVM UK product manager, said: “The new format and packaging have been designed to help deal with this very unpleasant problem, which many owners believe is a behaviour that dogs will grow out of.

“The new format is intended to demonstrate that Copro-nil, combined with effective behavioural training, can help resolve the problem effectively.”

Downloadable advice sheets for vet staff to share with clients are available online.

Credit to: TVM UK relaunches coprophagia product (Vet Times)

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