TVM UK adds Vetbromide to its epilepsy range

TVM UK has added to its epilepsy range by launching Vetbromide, the only potassium bromide formulation licensed for both adjunct and monotherapy indications in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy.

The product is presented as a 600mg double-divisible tablet convenient for both large and small dogs, allowing greater flexibility with dose titration. The tablets are blister packed for ease of storage and dispensing, and have a four-year unopened shelf life.

Vetbromide joins Soliphen and Ziapam in TVM’s epilepsy range.

Supporting materials

Accompanying the launch, TVM UK is offering supporting promotional and other materials, including product guidelines, treatment and monitoring guidelines, seizure management “lunch and learn” sessions and pet owner information.

A free e-learning tool to take veterinary professionals through diagnosing, treating and monitoring dogs with suspected epilepsy has also been created.

Will Peel, product manager at TVM UK, said: “The addition of Vetbromide to our epilepsy range allows vets more flexibility when treating epileptic patients. To further assist vets, we are also offering a wide range of free literature and in-practice support to ensure that veterinary staff are up to speed on such a common, yet at times complicated, topic.”

Full details are available on the TVM UK website or through territory managers.

Credit to: TVM UK adds Vetbromide to its epilepsy range (Vet Times)

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