TVM tech in tasty tabs

TVM UK has launched Alphazium TT calming tasty tabs to help with short and long-term anxiety and stress in cats and dogs.

The company said the combination of alphalactalbumin and magnesium has a triple action effect to tackle the neurological pathways involved in regulation of mood and emotional balance.

Alphazium TT is the first product to use TVM’s patented Tasty Tech technology, which is manufactured using low heat, low pressure and no humidity to protect the active ingredients, and “guarantee the quantity and quality of the ingredients within the final product”. It also guarantees homogenous ingredient distribution throughout the tab.

TVM said Tasty Tech had proven high palatability so could be administered like a treat.

Product manager Will Peel said: “Behavioural problems are becoming increasingly common in cats and dogs, and these problems are likely to get worse with pet owners going back to work as lockdown measures lift, which could cause further stress and anxiety in pets.

“Alphazium TT can help owners address these problems while being highly palatable – therefore also reducing the stress of tablet administration all round.”

For more information, visit TVM’s website.

Credit to: TVM tech in tasty tabs (Vet Times)

Vet Times. (2021). TVM tech in tasty tabs [online]

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