Topical corticosteroid gel for horses launches

Audevard has launched the only topical corticosteroid gel for horses approved in the UK. (Coming Soon to NVS)

Ekyflogl Gel, a topical corticosteroid, complements the company’s existing equine focus, and adds to an existing orthopaedic range that includes Equioxx and Tildren.

A best-selling product on the continent, Ekyflogl Gel has a unique composition of 3 agents – prednisolone, lidocaine and dimethyl sulfoxide – and is indicated for the treatment of localised musculoskeletal disorders that include tendinitis, splints, arthritis, desmitis, muscle strain and haematoma.


A frequent ailment in horses, 97% of owners say they have already encountered at least one sign of inflammation linked to a musculoskeletal disorder in their horse1, and 92.9% starting training develop at least one kind of disorder2.

Ekyflogl is available in bottles of 125ml, with a dosing pump. Audevard said the gel consistency allows for easy day-to-day application by the vet or horse owner.

For further information, contact an Audevard representative.


Coming Soon to NVS


1. Survey conducted in July 2019 by Audevard among 1,225 horse owners in Europe (FR, DE, NL, UK, BE).

2. Bertuglia A et al (2014). Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries in a population of harness Standardbred racehorses in training, BMC Veterinary Research 10(11).

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