Covid-19 Statement – Updated 11 March 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Statement – Updated 11 March 2020

We have been monitoring the situation closely with regard to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and have been taking appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers and to mitigate any risk regarding supply of products.

There are two aspects to the current Coronavirus situation:

  • The welfare and safety of our staff and customers.
  • The continuation of the supply of medicines to the UK veterinary market – either through the risk of coronavirus affecting our own workforce or the supply of products due to any number of reasons, including shortage of products or components required for manufacture of products and packaging.

The welfare and safety of our staff and customers

We are following advice from the Government and Public Health England and monitoring the agreed phases of the Government Plan – which is currently in ‘Contain’ stage.

Through this we have already been active in implementing measures to mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus including issuing drivers and staff with hand cleansing measures and ensuring that good personal hygiene (particularly the hand washing message) is maintained across our offices and depots.

Additionally, we have stepped up cleaning in key areas of the company such as canteens and social areas. We will adapt these measures if and when the UK enters the ‘Delay’ stage.

The continuation of the supply of medicines to the UK veterinary market

We are already experiencing some shortages in key product areas that are linked to the care of the human population, such as face masks and hand sanitisation products. We are doing everything that we can to mitigate shortages of these products as the day to day supply situation changes rapidly.

Due to the situation changing rapidly we have had to take steps that include:

  • Rationing on certain restricted items.
  • Only existing NVS customers are able to order these restricted items.
  • You will be informed of items that are ‘out of stock’ and if so, these items cannot be ordered.
  • Our teams may highlight alternative products that are available.

On a positive note, there are often alternative product choices that we’ve managed to secure. We continue to work with our supply chain partners and manufacturers to ask for their risk assessments and potential areas for concern in terms of future product supply.

We remain committed to delivering excellence and innovation in animal health and will keep you updated with any information as the situation develops.

Our online ordering portal – – will also include up to date information on product availability. If you are not yet registered please contact our team on or 01782 771122.

Martin Riley – MD, National Veterinary Services

11 March 2020