Delivery and Ordering Update

Delivery and Ordering Update - 31 March 2020

Dear Customer,

Animal welfare is at the centre of what we do and NVS is doing everything to support you and the animals under your care.

We want to reassure you that for the foreseeable future we will be maintaining our daily delivery service with the following temporary changes: order cut off is now 6:30pm although controlled drugs can still be ordered until 8:00pm.

The team are committed to supporting you during the current challenges and hope to return to normal service at the earliest opportunity.  Thank you.

Martin Riley

Changes to NVS Recycling Service

Changes to NVS Recycling Service - 26 March 2020

Following the changes to our delivery process announced earlier this week, we are now suspending the recycling of packaging for practices immediately, in order to reduce the risks to our employees.

We will continue to collect our plastic tote boxes but we will not be collecting any waste cardboard or packaging materials. We recognise this may cause some inconvenience, but I hope you understand that our duty of care to keep our employees safe is our top priority. We will update you at a later date when this is reinstated.

Danny Roberts
Director of Operations – NVS

Important Changes to our Delivery Procedure

Important Changes to our Delivery Procedure

We are committed to updating you on a regular basis with the steps that we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers and to mitigate the risks regarding the supply of products.

We all have a responsibility to support the necessary changes and to act accordingly in putting them into action.  We appreciate everything you have done to support us in the changes we have had to make over the last few weeks.

These are the areas of focus that we have been concentrating on and will be focusing on in the coming weeks ahead:

  • The welfare and safety of our staff and customers
  • The continuation of the supply of medicines and veterinary diagnostic services to the UK veterinary market

We are all aware of the new measures that the UK Government has implemented to try and combat the spread of Coronavirus to the UK population. It has been said many times that these are unprecedented times and I would have to agree.

I want to assure you that as an organisation we are in no doubt that people come first. We have, and will continue to act, on the best information that we can obtain in order to continue to mitigate risk thus protecting our people, our customers and their families.

In order to achieve this goal we are making the following changes to our working practices:

  • There are now a significant number of practices who are not allowing clients across their practice threshold. In compliance with this and to further protect our drivers and your staff we are making a small change to our delivery process. From Tuesday 24 March our drivers will leave our deliveries at the doorstep and not cross the threshold (or minimally cross the threshold) to reduce any potential contact. We will adapt our process and continue to comply with our legislative (legal) requirements. Your Driver will have more information on what you need to do to implement these changes.
  • Please be aware that there may be times when you do not see your regular driver, we are doing everything we can to maintain our deliveries but we have to ensure that driver safety is maintained and this may mean using temporary workers or changing drivers’ routes.
  • Did you know that you can place orders during the day and we will automatically consolidate everything ordered up until our order cut off?  Taking advantage of ordering this way and topping up your order if you need to means you will not have a big order to place at the end of your busy day.
  • You will receive more details on these changes from your delivery driver, from our Customer Services team and they are available on the secure area of our website at

We remain committed to delivering excellence and innovation in animal health and wish to thank you for your support of these changes and of our business as a whole.

Our online ordering portal – – will also include up to date information on product availability. If you are not yet registered please contact our team on or 01782 771122.

Martin Riley – MD, National Veterinary Services

23 March 2020