Surgical Instrument Revitalisation

Surgical Instrument Revitalisation

Welcome to our Surgical Instrumentation Revitalisation service. We offer a number of services at competitive prices, to help you maintain your equipment to the highest standards.

Our 3 step instrument revitalisation service

Step 1


- Review our latest services and prices here

- Gather the instruments you need to be revitalised and pop them into a bag

- Complete our Instrument revitalisation form below

- Print 2 copies of the form (one to send to us, and one to keep for your own records)

- Sign and date both copies
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Step 2


Your NVS Driver will collect your instruments for free on the day of your delivery
- Present your NVS Driver with both forms and ask them to sign and date both.

- Place one form into the bag with your instruments and keep hold of the other one.

- Our driver will take your instruments off for revitalisation.
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Step 3


- We revitalise your instruments

- 10 days later your NVS Driver will return your instruments
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Please send your items into us by using our specially designed packaging

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Surgical Instrument Revitalisation Request



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Sharpen clipper blades - horse, sheep, cattle clippers

Sharpen scissors & Needle holders

If you have any queries regarding our instrument repair service, please call Customer Services on 01782 771111