Select from NVS™

A range of branded quality valued products used in every day procedures.

Our Select from NVS range consists of more than 300 products for use in the veterinary practice. We are continuously working to add more products to this popular and growing brand, giving a wider choice to our customers. 

Download the Select 2022 Collection:

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Procedure Packs

It’s never been busier in your practice, and we understand that having all your equipment to hand can be half of the battle.

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Bandage Remover

Our Select from NVS Adhesive Bandage Remover is odour free and hypoallergenic, leaving the skin residue free and ready for re-dressing.

Select from NVS™
Collar Range

Introducing our NEW and improved Select from NVS™ Collar range.


The Select from NVS™ coverall is manufactured from a polypropylene laminate comprising a fibrous spunbond nonwoven and liquid repellent film.

Giving set

Pump Calibration

Convert to Select from NVS Infusion Giving Sets and take advantage of our FREE OF CHARGE Pump Re-calibration Service

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