Purina launches Pro Plan HC Hydra Care

Purina has today (4 January) launched a nutrient-enriched water supplement for cats that has been shown to increase total water intake and increase urine volume.

Pro Plan HC Hydra Care has been proven to successfully complement dietary and drinking water to increase total daily water intake in cats, promote hydration, and increase urine volume and dilution1-4.

Increased intake

Pro Plan HC Hydra Care includes organic osmolytes, including amino acids from whey protein, which play a role in fluid balance and cell volume, and are absorbed into the body after consumption.

Studies published in 2018 and 2019 showed that acceptance of nutrient-enriched water resulted in increased total water intake and this was sustained over time1-4.

Urine volume

Urine volume was also increased and remained more dilute. The addition of the water supplement increased total water intake to 35ml/kg to 55ml/kg bodyweight – on average 27% more than when dry food and water alone were offered.

This compares to a total water intake of 20ml/kg to 30ml/kg bodyweight when dry food is fed, or 35ml/kg bodyweight when wet food is fed. A 48% increase in total daily urine volume occurred compared to cats drinking tap water1.

Maintain hydration

Libby Sheridan, Purina veterinary and technical affairs manager UK and Ireland, said: “Our research shows that cats enjoy drinking water enriched with Purina Pro Plan HC Hydra Care and will voluntarily consume more to increase their overall water intake, beyond that achieved by feeding a wet food as their daily diet.

“It’s a useful and easy change to make as support for maintaining hydration, urine dilution and output.”

More information

It is recommended that clean, fresh water continues to be provided ad lib alongside Purina Pro Plan HC Hydra Care.

For more information, veterinary professionals can email Purina.


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Credit: Compulsory cat microchipping consultation launches

In-text: (Vet Times, 2021)

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